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The Mural Master program is the essential resource for artists who want to learn how to create large scale designs, pitch those designs to businesses, and paint artwork that's sure to get shared on social media for years to come.

Mural Supply List

Download this list of supplies to be prepared for your next mural job!

Watch this video for an overview of one interior mural course you'll find inside this program and don't forget to download the supply list above!



Have FUN with it!

Learn to paint the murals that people can't help but to take photos with. Become the go-to artist in your area through social sharing!


Expand Your Expertise!

This course covers all large scale subjects including instructional videos for lettering and logos.





Nope! This program is designed with the newbie artist in mind and has material from the very beginner level to the more advanced. 

You will get a warm welcome to the membership and be given access to content that will help you learn how to create a proposal, pitch your mural ideas to businesses, and paint large scale!

Try the membership for 5 full days for free and then cancel at any time!


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