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Mural Money

An Artist’s Guide to Creating Your Dream Career

Learn how to establish your brand, attract customers, confidently promote on social media, and be your own boss.

Written by Andrea Ehrhardt 
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Purchase Mural Money: $17

This is your guide to breaking into the art world and living a life of creativity and financial freedom!

There has never been a better time to be an artist.

Andrea teaches real-life strategies on how to grow your art business through a variety of modern methods to help any artist make money with a paintbrush.



Build your unique art brand, connect with your target audience, become the go-to artist in your area, and finally love what you do for a living. 

Purchase Mural Money: $17


Book Extras:

  • Pricing Guide

  • Supply List

  • Art Challenges

  • Featured Artists

  • Recommended Book/Podcast List

Get the extra content Andrea mentions within the pages of Mural Money.